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The history of the Taisho Shopping Street


Established in Taisho7



"Taisho muscle shopping street" which was founded in Taisho 7th year was divided into three organizations at the beginning, the source was called "tide pumping streak", but when the entertainment hall can be built in Futaba Town "entertainment hall muscle When it became Kubo-cho, Shochiku-kan could not get the leadership such as being referred to as "Shochiku-kan library", so it was unfortunately inconvenient to seek a widely public shopping district name in Taisho in 2001. To the judging committee members such as Okazaki Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mayor of Ishibashi Kobe City, Kaoru Koudo Koji High School, Historian Fukuhara Kaiseama, etc. As a result of the judgment, incorporating the era of the time, "Taisho Muscle" It has been named and now reached. * Tide squeezing muscle ... It was called "tide pumping streak" because it carried the tide water drawn from the beach of Komagayashi through the Taicho muscle north-south road to Takatori mountain to make cleanse salt of Takatori shrine.


Early Showa era

 昭和 10 年 12 月頃に行われた「神戸市商店街調査」において記されている当時の大正筋の特徴は、路面はアスファルト舗装をしており、3街区に111店舗(内商業73店舗)が店を構えていた。営業形態では、大正末期までに開業の店が31店で昭和に入ってからの開業の店は42店となっており、従業員の数は1-5人までが59店と81%を占めている。また自己店舗比率は、自己店が8店・借家が65店と89%が借家となっている。開閉店時間は午前7時から午後11時と16時間もあり、商店街の発展性を見ると、南北の商店街であるため北のほうへ発展しており、ここ2-3年は活気が見られると書かれているのでまだまだ発展途上の商店街と言えた。

Characteristics of the Taisho source at the time described in "Kobe City Shopping Street Survey" conducted around December 1953, the road surface is asphalt paved, 111 shops (73 commercial businesses) in 3 blocks He was holding a shop. In the sales form, there are 31 shops opened in late Taisho era and opening shops after entering the Showa era in the Showa era, 42 shops, with 1 to 5 employees occupying 59 shops and 81% ing. In addition, the self-store ratio is 8 for self-store, 65 for rented houses and 89% for rented houses. The opening and closing shop time is from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm and 16 hours and the development potential of the shopping district is developing to the north side because it is a shopping arcade in the north and south and the lively It was written that it could be seen, so it was still a developing shopping area.


Reflect in Showa 30's


In around 1954, Taisho muscle shopping district reached the first golden era after the war, and in 1952 it revived the Suzu Lantern and Tent, and 130 shops that were slightly different from other shopping districts opened shops In addition, in October 1932 the organization was changed from a commercial union to a cooperative association, and in May 1954 it completed a total length of 341 m arcade, and in 1963 it became the first prefecture under the prefecture "Promotion Association" was formed. At that time visits from all over the country to visit the state-of-the-art arcade, Sannomiya Center town building a new arcade with reference to Taisho source arcade in Kobe.

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